LUMI ( Light Up My Island) Lantern Festival

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Date(s) - 19/06/2021
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm



The Light Up My Island Lantern event on a cold and windy island night, has given the islands a huge boost.

The event attracted families from all the Southern Bay Islands to the Resilience Centre grounds on Russell Island, and what a surprising delight it turned out to be.

It was everything the organisers hoped it would be, presented with the insurance support of the Bay Islands Multi Sport and Recreation Association Inc (BIMSARA)

It was a cold, and windy night, but it was made all that more special with a volunteer fire brigade supporting huge bonfire that was a wonderful, spectacular and warming addition to the event.

The highlight, however, was when the children got to ‘light up’ their lanterns.

They were there in all shapes and sizes. Most of them extremely imaginative.

Giant fish and sundials and quirky shapes and sizes were so colourful and brilliant when the parade started around the tennis courts at the lovely island site.

Now, these were not the lanterns of the Chinese originals, which have a candle in them and the heat allows them to rise into the night sky.

Now that might have been spectacular, but had that form of lantern been allowed, we probably would have woken the next morning to bush fires right across our islands and the southern part of North Stradbroke Island!

These lights were lit by a small battery-powered light and the effect was just brilliant.

To see the smiles of island children and families parading their lanterns around the perimeter was a site to behold.

And when the lighted lanterns were then attached to the biggest tree in the park, the effect was just stunning.

Everyone was surprised by the result and the impact of the LUMI Lantern Event. which we think should become the LUMI Lantern Festival.

The event hosted by BIMSARA  was designed to get the islands going again after the lockdowns of 2020.

It had hoped to be held last year, but Covid-19 put an end to that timing.

Holding it this year and now was a surprise masterstroke and boost to the island community.

It was also pleasing to see families there from all the Southern Bay Islands and we are sure the event will grow and prosper with even more families attending next year.

The support displays, markets and food added to the late afternoon and early evening event.

All rugged up and around a huge bonfire at the end of the lantern display was a fitting end to a superb island festival that is sure to become an annual event.

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