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Billy Cart Update 1st of October 2020

Unfortunately due to Covid-19, Bimsara wishes to advise that Billy Cart Races are now cancelled until further notice.

BILLY Cart Races Russell Island Postponed until October 18th, 2020.  As the latest Corona Virus updates change day by day BIMSARA, has made the decision to postpone the Billy Cart Race event from April 5th to October 18th, 2020.  Our risk assessment for Public Liability Insurance coverage for this event has also changed.  BIMSARA has made the only decision appropriate for the benefit of the wider Bay Islands Community.  Our Billy Cart Race preparation was well underway and apologies to all those who will be disappointed with this postponement. As the months progress BIMSARA will ramp up our preparations for the event to held on October 18th and will keep the community informed through our website and social media.  The Raffle that has been advertised on Facebook, tickets sold at IGA by our Community Champions, will be held on Easter Monday the 13th April during the weigh in held by our Sports fishing club at sandy beach. Stay tuned to our social media pages for updates. Thanks to all those residents who have supported us to date, and we will look forward to your support again closer to October.  BIMSARA Committee

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