Australia Day 2021

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What a fabulous turnout at Sandy Beach yesterday. It was a welcome coming together of a community. We empathise with the debate over the appropriate date of celebration but I still need to report the success of our event if it is measured by a family’s residents and visitors rocking up and having fun. A special mention to announce Oskar Whitstead taking the SMBI young Australian day award. Oskar had no idea it was coming and true to form he was flat working as a volunteer cooking hamburgers for his club, the Russell Island Fishing Club. He is a great role model for teens in our community. The other awards will be published elsewhere. Our Olympian in waiting Mara Stransky was with us yesterday and sends her gratitude for all funds raised for her travel expenses. A shout out too for our lovely Zayah Morgan who continues to do us proud with her elite status in Queensland Lawn Bowls. Another talented junior . The Fishing club presented Zayah with $1000 for her travel and training expenses. Bimsara sends thanks to all those who contributed to our fundraising and please, if you know of any emerging talented youth we can support please contact us.

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